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Ezines - Websites To Advertise With

(prices listed are as a guide only and do change on a regular basis)

Ezinead.net 320,000+ Ads for only $15
AmazingBillboards.com A Full Service Marketing Company
Traffic Swarm 100% FREE advertising that works!
2 Bucks An Ad $10 per ad to 10 Ezines ($90 per ad to 90 Ezines)
Village Of Tidbits $30 per Solo Ad
Biz Site Biz $55 per Solo Ad, $45 per Top Sponsor Ad
Sendfree Advertising $47 per Top Sponsor Autoresponder Ad
Online Exchange $90 per Solo Ad, $40 per Top Sponsor Ad
Dollarmines $120 per Solo Ad, $50 per Top Sponsor Ad
The Millenia $120 per Solo Ad
Work At Home News $99.95 per Solo Ad, $39.95 per Top Sponsor Ad
Xtreme Marketing Tips $199 per Solo Ad, $99 per Top Sponsor Ad
ProbizTips $197 per Solo Ad, $87 per Top Sponsor Ad, $37 per Middle SponsorAd
Cash From Home $99.95 per Solo Ad, $39.95 per Top Sponsor Ad
Rim Digest $149 per Solo Ad, $50 per Top Sponsor Ad
Super Promo $149.95 per Solo Ad
Admistress Advertising $175 per Solo Ads To All Participating Ezines (with 48 Hours Guarantee), $110 per per Solo Ads To All Participating Ezines
Nova News $197 per Solo Ad, $77 per Top Sponsor Ad. ($497 per 3 Solo Ads, $317 per 5 Top Sponsor Ads)
Ultimate Traffic System $300 for 3 Solo Ads, $217 for 2 Solo Ads, $117 for 1 Solo Ad
Getresponse Smart Ads $449.95 per 100k Smart Ads, $299.95 per 50k Smart Ads, $149.95 per 20k Smart Ads
BizWeb E-Gazette $675 per Top Sponsor Ad, $675 per Middle Sponsor Ad, $360 per Bottom Sponsor Ad
DEMC E-Magazine $1,397 per Solo Ad, $227 per Top Sponsor Ad


Pay Per Click Traffic

Promote your affiliate link using Pay Per Click Search Engines.

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  1. Google AdWords - The biggest and best for volume, traffic quality and user interface. However, the most expensive.
  2. Yahoo! Search Marketing - First GoTo.com, then Overture, now Yahoo! Search Marketing. Both high volume and quality with a few bargains still around.
  3. 7Search - A smaller search engine with good quality traffic. Good interface. 

    They claim better ROI than either Google or Yahoo! because of their high quality traffic sources.
  4. Microsoft AdCenter - Another big player with lots of leverage, and arguably the best quality traffic. Look out for a useful keyword research tool as part of the package.


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